Clear Braces

clear-bracesGetting a great smile doesn’t necessarily mean having a “metal mouth” look. Many patients are getting the orthodontic treatment they need with the subtle, aesthetic appearance they want with clear braces!

Advantages of Clear Braces

Clear braces feature a comfortable design with a translucent appearance. Many patients enjoy the combination of ceramic and metal because it is simultaneously attractive and sturdy. In fact, these braces are so sturdy that many doctors will recommend them to their patients who play sports. Patients are allowed to engage in most everyday activities without fear of delaying or impeding their progress.

Also, because they have a semi-transparent color that will not stain, patients can proceed with necessary orthodontic treatment without having to feel self-conscious. In addition, clear braces’ smooth, rounded shape allows for greater patient comfort.

Disadvantages of Clear Braces

Drawbacks to clear braces are minimal, but are worth considering when you decide on your orthodontic system. Because of their advanced materials, clear braces are often more expensive than traditional metal braces. While the brackets themselves do not stain, the clear ties used with clear braces can discolor, especially when you drink colored beverages like coffee, tea or wine. Also treatment time with clear braces may vary somewhat when compared to traditional braces. Consult our office if you have specific questions.

Clear Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Don’t confuse the term “clear braces” with “clear aligners”. Clear braces are made from sturdy and transparent materials, but they function the same as traditional metal braces, using archwires and elastics to move teeth. Clear aligners are plastic shells that fit over your teeth and gradually move them into position through the use of several slightly altered trays, until your teeth are in the prescribed position.

Clear braces are designed for patients of all ages. If you have questions about clear braces, please consult our office.

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